Be a Vega+ Ambassador

Seeking emissaries of the future to co-create the leading crypto derivatives layer.


Knowledgeable in cryptocurrencies, DeFi and DAOs? We want you to be a driving force of the Vega community.

You'll already be passionate about blockchain technologies, with a willingness to learn the ins and outs of Vega. A penchant for original thinking. And an appetite to share, as you drive conversations and engagement in pursuit of vibrancy within the community.

Apply now to bring fresh proposals to the table and participate in the community as a key contributor.

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Which Vega+ Team would you rally?

Builders Club (Technical)

(Vega Capsule, Documentation, Hackathon Support, Coding)

Content Collective (Non-Technical)

(Tweets, Editorials, Infographics, Bounties)

Multilingual League (Translations)

(Internationalisation, Local Language Groups, AMAs)

Benefits of being an ambassador

Vega+ Ambassadors are a valued extension of the team, and work closely with core Vega members. Here's a taste of what you can look forward to:

Gain real-world experience in community building by shaping the Vega movement from the ground up
Access to exclusive Discord lounges
Early access to bounties, beta testing of products
Priority consideration on protocol feedback
Exclusive meetups - Invitations to all of Vega's events, both offline and online
Limited edition Vega swag
Grow with Vega - scaling rewards as you climb the ranks
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We celebrate our ambassadors and their work. Complete tasks to top the leaderboard, rise up the ranks, and see your name here!



There are no exact requirements to being an ambassador; the extent of what you'll work on will depend on your team and role. Nevertheless, these are the non-negotiables:

  • Agree with the code of conduct; keep to the rules
  • Attend most meetings with other ambassadors, engage with your team
  • Learn with the core team: attend office hours, ask questions, grow
  • Let us know when things aren't working for you, if you need a break, that's okay!
  • Be active on Discord - most communication will take place there