Use Vega

Market make and provide liquidity using the APIs

Anyone can become a market maker or liquidity provider on Vega by integrating with its CEX-style APIs
Place static or pegged order limit volume on the book, manage your spread and position, and receive Loading... of the trade value when an incoming trade matches your order.
Users willing to commit a set bond amount to help ensure a market's liquidity can earn liquidity provision fees. Fee % is set per market based on the commitments needed to keep it liquid. Learn more


Market making and liquidity provision is risky and for sophisticated parties only. Users of this page should be able to:

Actively manage liquidity deployed to a limit order book
Understand how derivatives pricing works, specifically cash-settle futures
Code automated trading strategies and operate and monitor them 24/7
Understand the nuances of integrating with a blockchain, for example, you’re familiar with tools like Web3.js – used to interact with Ethereum
Manage inventory risk and build trading strategies that effectively manage exposure to maintain neutrality
Manage risk in a leveraged trading environment

Get Started

1. Get a Wallet

Download the CLI wallet for developer access to programmatically sign transactions and access any dApps on the network.

Advanced: Set up your own test network
Experiment with the protocol by creating an instance of the Vega network on your computer.
Install Vega capsule

2. Check out our APIs

3. Follow a tutorial and get code snippets

Getting started

Start development of a bot to trade on Vega

Streaming data

Enhance the bot with a data stream

Adding a liquidity commitment

Add a liquidity commitment to the bot

Adding an external price feed

Add an external price feed to the bot