Rewards are paid out from the treasury at the end of an epoch.
until the end of this epoch
Coming soon
Distributed based on the proportion of the total maker fees you've paid, in this epoch per market.
Liquidity Provision
Coming soon
Distributed based on the proportion of the total liquidity and maker fees you have received, in this epoch per market.
Market Creation
Coming soon
For markets that meet the threshold value in a month. The current threshold is 1 $VEGA
Any Vega network participant with assets can use the rewards functionality to incentivise behaviours they would like to see in a market for trading, liquidity provision.
Staking rewards

Nominate a validator and earn treasury rewards for each full epoch staked, as well as a share of trading fees.


* The average annualised percentage return based on the last epoch's total rewards for staking / amount staked and the number of epochs in a year

Incentives and Bounties

Participate in developer bounties and get rewarded for your commitment.
Security issues
Found a software security issue? Report it to us and earn rewards by finding bugs that affect the Vega Network.
Fairground incentives
Earn rewards for helping to find bugs and battle harden Vega's Testnet.