Recordings of past talks, events and podcasts
  • Journal du Coin
    Aug 22, 2023

    Vega Founder Barney Mannerings, talks with Gregory Guittard and discusses the appchain model, oracles and the governance ecosystem of Vega and the future of CEXs versus DEXs

  • Inside Crypto by 21.co
    Jul 26, 2023

    Vega Founder Barney Mannerings, talks with Crian Padayachee about the launch of alpha mainnet, why Vega is the world’s most advanced DEX and the importance of decentralisation.

  • Crypto 101
    Jul 6, 2023

    Vega Founder Barney Mannerings, discusses how Vega is more of a tool than a DEX and is meant for builders to build their own markets so traders can use them instead of traders making markets.

  • CryptoNews
    Jun 19, 2023

    Vega Founder Barney Mannerings discusses Vega’s recent deployment on Alpha Mainnet, DeFi Trading and the future of Crypto Derivatives

  • EthPrague
    Jun 10, 2023

    Madalina Raicu focuses on the role of user experience (UX) in decentralised finance (DeFi), emphasising how certain UI features can impact the adoption, trust, and usage of DeFi platforms

  • CoinDesk TV
    May 10, 2023

    Vega Founder Barney Mannerings joins "First Mover" to discuss what the protocol will offer users and why it aims to make trading as good as TradFi "but entirely decentralized."

  • Real Vision Crypto
    May 9, 2023

    Ash Bennington from Real Vision Crypto is joined by Vega Founder Barney Mannerings, to discuss how trading derivatives could become more efficient, equitable, and fair through the use of decentralized apps and exchange.

  • Mission DeFi
    Apr 28, 2023

    Vega Founder Barney Mannerings talks to Brad Nickel about building not only a derivatives trading app, but more importantly, a powerful derivatives building platform for any kind of financial application. The potential of the platform to bridge all of finance into DeFi is very compelling.

  • The Charlie Shrem Show
    Apr 27, 2023

    Vega Founder Barney Mannerings speaks with Charlie Shrem on the Untold Stories podcast and shares what he did prior to joining the world of crypto, about why people invented markets and how crypto can make it better. He also looks back on when Uniswap was invented and compares it to “toys” vs real-world innovations that truly challenge the old guard in TradFi.

  • MikoBits Blockchain and DeFi Show
    Apr 25, 2023

    Vega Founder Barney Mannerings speaks with Miko about defi derivatives and how it can leverage the future of finance.

  • WholesomeCrypto
    Mar 3, 2023

    Vega Founder Barney Mannerings speaks with Rudy from Wholesome Crypto and shares his insights on the evolving cryptocurrency industry and his own journey. From investing in the Ethereum presale to starting decentralized finance projects, he offers great advice and wisdom from his own experience. Barney discusses Vega's decentralized derivatives platform and options trading platform, restricted mainnet, Proof of Stake appchain, and 2023 plans including the upcoming alpha mainnet launch.

  • Crypto Coin Show
    Jan 20, 2023

    Vega founder Barney Mannerings, speaks with Ashton Addison on the Crypto Coin Show. Barney discusses Vega's decentralized derivatives platform and options trading platform, restricted mainnet, Proof of Stake appchain, and 2023 plans including the upcoming alpha mainnet launch.

  • Eden Block - Genesis Stories
    Oct 14, 2022

    Learn more about Vega Protocol's founding history and long-term mission, in the new episode of Genesis Story by Eden Block featuring Vega Founder Barney Mannerings #FreeTheMarkets.

  • Devcon VI
    Oct 11, 2022

    Vega Blockchain Researcher Dr Klaus Kursawe, takes on the stage at Devcon VI in Bogota 2022. His presentation looks at the challenges of implementing various diversity-improving policies on a PoS network. Economic (dis)incentivisation is a popular approach, but can be undermined by non-standard miner economics such as (cross-domain) MEV or derivatives on incentivisation. As an alternative, Klaus outlines an approach to include diversity support into the consensus level without requiring changing the basic functionality of the protocol by adapting the concept of general adversary structures.

  • Finnovators
    Oct 9, 2022

    Vega founder Barney Mannerings, discusses the importance of having decentralized derivatives like futures, options and swaps, and some of the major use cases with Manuel Rensink. Barney also explains how Vega's bespoke protocol and derivatives marketplace, can prevent MEV, have predictable trading fees in bps, margin credit, atomic closeouts, hybrid AMM / order book liquidity, what's in the roadmap, and how defi and tradfi are converging to benefit people IRL.

  • Cryptonized
    Sep 28, 2022

    Vega Founder, Barney Mannerings, joins Mark Fidelman on Cryptonized to discuss everything crypto derivatives.

  • Messari Mainnet 2022
    New York City
    Sep 22, 2022

    Vega Founder, Barney Mannerings, joins Brandon Neal, Hart Lambur, Simon Jones and John Locke for a round-table chat at Messari Mainnet 2022. The market for TradFi derivatives is orders of magnitude larger than the spot markets. But crypto derivatives lag their spot-market counterparts. How can crypto derivatives catch up? And when will they boost total crypto volume to TradFi levels?

  • WTF Crypto
    Sep 21, 2022

    WTF Crypto Host Mark Lurie invites Vega founder, Barney Mannerings, to cover everything from why Vega is essential to DeFi to how market maturity affects adoption.

  • Ethereum Merge
    Aug 18, 2022

    Vega blockchain researcher, Dr Klaus Kursawe, takes a closer look at the effects of Ethereum's highly-anticipated transition from PoW to PoS, known as 'The Merge'. Klaus joins “Community Crypto” host Isaiah Jackson, Prysmatic Labs Co-founder Preston Vanloon, and QCP Capital Co-Founder and CIO Darius Sit to discuss the topic.

  • Web3 Innovators
    Aug 17, 2022

    Conor Svensson, Founder and CEO of Web3 Labs, hosts Web3Innovators and invites Barney Mannerings, Vega Founder, to dig into a number of topics including the infrastructure required to create on-chain derivatives, how Vega approaches leverage and risk management, the community’s role and what’s still missing from DeFi.

  • ETHPrague 2022
    Jun 11, 2022

    Danny Holland, Head of Blockchain Integrations at Vega, shares tales from the field and his experience using ZK Rollups to scale transactions on Ethereum at ETHPrague 2022. ZK rollups are one of the most promising new technologies for any use case with high volumes of transactions, be it for DeFi, NFTs, gaming and beyond. Danny will touch on the Ethereum issues that we know all too well — high gas fees, miner extractable value, and time lag.

  • EthDenver 2022
    Feb 17, 2022

    Vega founder Barney Mannerings, delivers Vega's keynote talk on stage at EthDenver's Opening Ceremony. Learn how Vega aims to be as good as CeFi, better than TradFi, and the future of DeFi.

  • DeFi Download Podcast
    Jan 29, 2022

    Vega founder, Barney Mannerings, speaks with Piers Ridyard, CEO of RDX Works and core developer of Radix Protocol about the inner workings of the Vega Protocol, how they maintain capital efficiency, what atomic closeout means, why they built their own bespoke blockchain, Vega’s trustless bridge into the Ethereum ecosystem – and much more.

  • CfC St. Moritz 2022
    Jan 13, 2022

    The future of DeFi is found in its origins: crypto originated with cypherpunks who believed that open-source software and strong cryptography could be used to ensure electronic privacy and usher in a new era of socioeconomic liberty. Vega founder, Barney Mannerings joins CfC St. Moritz and David Namdar from Coral Capital to discuss the importance of staying true to DeFi’s roots.

  • Delphi Podcast
    Jun 30, 2021

    Delphi Podcast host Tom Shaughnessy welcomes Vega founder Barney Mannerings to discuss the protocol’s ability to allow for any derivative contract to be built, dynamic incentives, and much more.

  • Why Invest? Podcast
    Apr 21, 2021

    Barney Mannerings dives into the concepts behind Vega, regulation, risk – and the future of centralised exchanges on the Why Invest? podcast hosted by Doug Barnett.

  • Liquidity 2020: How to create & launch a BTC/USD futures market on Vega
    Nov 18, 2020

    On Vega anyone can create permissionless, professional-grade markets, on any underlying. This makes it possible for the world of derivatives markets to run on a global, public blockchain. Tamlyn Rudolph demonstrates this technology for the first time to show how to launch your own BTC / USD futures market on Vega's testnet

  • Deconstructing derivatives
    Nov 11, 2020

    An all-day event featuring demos, hands-on workshops, and panel discussions exploring the world of derivatives. Starting off with fundamental theory, we then dive into community-led finance, crypto native products and liquidity mechanisms before addressing the future with the leaders that are shaping it.

    The content progresses in complexity throughout the day and is geared towards all levels, from complete beginners to hardcore DeFi enthusiasts.

    Organised by Vega, London Blockchain Labs and Outlier Ventures.

    Speakers include: Abel Tedros, Andrey Belyakov, Anjan Vinod, Anton Golub, Barney Mannerings, Ben Gagnon, Carlo Las Marias, Dan Danay, David Nuelle, David Siska, Ethan Vera, Freddie Farmer, Juliana Passos, Leo Zhang, MonaEl Isa, Rafaella Baraldo, Stani Kulechov, Tamlyn Rudolph and Timothy Kelly.

  • ACM conference on advances in financial technologies
    Oct 21, 2020
  • Coinscrum Markets: Building decentralised derivatives markets
    Oct 2, 2020

    Barney Mannerings joins Paul Yardly (Trustology) and Jose Macedo (Delphi Digital) on this panel.

  • Learn how to design a blockchain for fair DeFi trading
    Jul 22, 2020

    Dmitriy Berenzon leads a discussion with Klaus Kursawe and Tamlyn Rudolph on ordering fairness and why it is a necessary innovation for the DeFi space.

  • Blockchain Brad
    Jul 9, 2020

    Barney Mannerings speaks to Blockchain Brad about Vega and building tools for DeFi trading.

  • Liquid Staking Roundtable
    Jul 7, 2020

    Barney Mannerings joins the Cosmos round-table on on-chain staked assets.

  • The Layerization of Decentralised Finance: Synthetic Assets, Futures, Options: What’s Next?
    May 14, 2020

    Barney Mannerings joins Synthetic, Unslashed Finance in a panel moderated by Mona El Lisa in a DeFi project deep dive.

  • Dystopia Labs: DeFi Discussions
    Apr 3, 2020

    Dr Klaus Kursawe discussed how blockchains can mitigate against front-running for on-chain order book dApps, based on his latest paper ‘Wendy, the little good little fairness widget’.

  • CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit
    Mar 9, 2020

    Barney Mannerings launched the private Vega Testnet. Audience members were the first to see a live, public demonstration of the protocol and Vega Console.

  • Quantlayer: Discussing a Parallel Financial System with Vega
    Nov 5, 2019
  • Blockchains for traders: On finality, fairness and flocking
    San Francisco
    Oct 31, 2019

    Led by Dr Klaus Kursawe, this research seminar explored his recent work focusing on efficiency and flexibility when looking at the architecture, model and various protocol issues of the consensus layer. Klaus discussed how to replace the consensus algorithm on the fly, optimise protocol latency, and go beyond the thresholds to allow taking into account geography and other properties.

  • KR1's 크립투나잇 런던
    Feb 26, 2019

    Barney Mannerings spoke on the emerging DeFi stack and how Vega’s decentralised trading network fits into it, before sharing a short demo.

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