Candida is leading Vega's ambitions to speak plain English, even for the most complex concepts. She has extensive experience simplifying complex topics.

At 8 years old, Candida hand-wrote her own publication, The Nose for News. It's now out of print, but Candida's passion for engaging and useful content has only gained momentum. Candida has championed informative and approachable writing since her days as a journalism student, where she learned the value of interrogating a subject to understand it before committing it to paper.

Specialising in complex domains, Candida has written, managed websites and marketed for a wide range of organisations including legal publications and retail trading platforms. She has also guided writers on how to best present their own content.

Candida ensures that Vega Protocol effectively communicates our goals and offers a good user experience.

We are transforming how financial markets work, so no one gets to stack the odds against anyone else. On Vega Protocol, markets are open and fair, fees are shared by market makers — not centralised institutions — and governance decisions are made by the community.

What we’re doing isn’t easy. Building a fast, decentralised system is hard. Ensuring it’s fair without a central owner is complex. But we’re not intimidated by challenges. We’re motivated by them.

We can’t do this without an active community. Tell us what you think. Read our protocol whitepaper, and follow our progress on Twitter.

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