What can I do with Vega today?

Restricted mainnet is live

Vega’s Restricted Mainnet is live. Delegate stake to validators, earn rewards by securing the network and get started with voting on governance proposals.

Restricted Mainnet is positioned as an extended test phase, it is limited in functionality. It is the first of a three-stage launch process, it will be followed by Alpha Mainnet (trading with limits) and v1 Mainnet (unrestricted trading).

Download and run a Vega Wallet to interact with a Vega network.

You can also join our Community Forum or Discord to pose questions to the team, find out what we've been up to, and share your own ideas of what the future of finance looks like.

Use the Mainnet

Staking and Governance

Vega Token holders can delegate tokens to validators on Restricted Mainnet and can therefore earn staking rewards for securing the network.

Additionally, governance voting gives the Vega community a way to define the optimal network configuration in preparation for the Alpha Mainnet stage.

Learn more about Restricted Mainnet, or participate in staking using the Vega Token portal.

Take a ride on

Experiment on Testnet

Fairground is the official testnet of Vega. Free from the risks of real trading, Fairground is a safe and fun place to try out Vega yourself.

Create permissionless, professional-grade, margined futures markets and make fully decentralised, end-to-end trades using Ropsten assets on an Ethereum Testnet bridge. Download and run a Vega Wallet.

Learn more and take a ride on the Fairground testnet right now!

How to build on Vega


You can find technical and non-technical documentation for Vega at

It includes walk-throughs on how to use the APIs, reference docs for GraphQL, gRPC, and REST, as well as answers to questions about how the protocol works.


Participate in the on-going bounty programme and help build the future of Vega. Earn rewards and get involved with the community. Check out the current bounty list or visit our Community Forum.

Running a Vega node

Running a node on a Vega network

In the current phase, a set of community based validators are operating a Vega Mainnet. These validators were selected using a governance vote with full details available on the blog.

In the future, it is likely that the team will provide downloads for non-validator users to run their own local nodes.

Stay in touch through our Community Forum, Discord and Twitter for information and updates on these programmes.

Markets and Liquidity Programme

Early access for market makers and liquidity providers.

We've launched our Markets and Liquidity Programme to give liquidity providers exclusive access to the protocol ahead of the mainnet launch. This is an opportunity to evaluate Vega Protocol commercially and technically, as well as collaborate with stakeholders to ensure a mainnet launch that meets the needs of traders, market makers, and other participants in the system. More information on the programme can be found on our forum.