Go Engineer


Go Engineer

We are building a blockchain-based derivatives exchange and are looking for a skilled golang engineer to grow with us and make key contributions to the codebase. This is a great opportunity to join a small, VC-funded start-up with an office in London’s fintech hub. We have a working prototype and have delivered the first version of the alpha to a small group of early users.

We are designing the future for derivatives trading and our software will be a critical system for large financial institutions. With potentially trillions of dollars flowing through the system, quality and correctness need to be built in from day one.

About you

You are an experienced Go engineer who is interested in solving problems related to the intersection of financial trading, blockchain, and distributed systems. Being a startup, there will be times when the team needs to strive for absolute code quality for production releases, and others when we need to quickly pull together barely-working prototype code to test out an idea. We are looking for someone who can work in both modes as appropriate.

What you'll be doing

As a Go Engineer you will be a core member of the engineering team, collaborating closely with your engineering teammates and the product design team.

Relevant qualities or experience


  • Worked on at least two production Golang codebases that are reasonably large and performant
  • Strong knowledge of Go idioms and libraries
  • Strong knowledge of computer science fundamentals such as data structures and API design
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts with other technical & non-technical team members
  • Collaborative


  • Experience working with at least one public blockchain
  • Experience with other programming languages such as C, Java, C#, Solidity, Rust, Python, etc.
  • Documentation skills to help technical users understand our codebase, which will eventually be open source
  • Working knowledge of financial markets and exchanges
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts with other technical and non-technical team members
  • Interest in or experience with networking (the social kind) / public speaking

About us

Vega is building a high-throughput, low-latency platform for decentralised margin trading of financial products. We believe that markets should be open and participants should benefit from a well functioning marketplace.

We are a collaborative team of <20, interested in learning from each other and solving complex challenges together. We have a hub office in London, but are distributed across the world, which means we are open to flexible working hours and remote working. Our professional backgrounds include trading and markets infrastructure, development, academia, and business management.

To apply send your CV to jobs@vega.xyz