Toward a new era of finance

Decentralised infrastructure for the fair creation and trading of derivatives.


Try out trading on the fully decentralised Vega network (Testnet).


Submit and vote on proposals to create and change markets, network parameters and assets.

Block Explorer
Block Explorer

Explore real-time Vega blockchain information.

Key features

Permissionless market creation

Propose a market on any underlying.

Anti front running

Fair access to the order book, preventing miner extractable value (MEV).

Purpose-built blockchain

High performing smart contracts for sophisticated trading.

Pseudonymous trading

Keep control of your data, and protect your privacy.

High capital efficiency

Lower capital costs and evaluate risk live with cross margining.

No gas fees on trading

Fees only on trades on a market in continuous trading.

Native liquidity provision

Built-in liquidity incentives for bustling markets.

Cross-chain support

Choose the digital asset for collateral or settlements.



Current status:
Restricted Mainnet

This release will allow the validators to launch an experimental mainnet using the second major release of the Vega protocol. The V2 protocol will use WASM to allow the community to create their own products & risk models, and control other aspects of the protocol. This version will also contain a number of performance and security improvements as well as core protocol upgrades and simplifications.

H2 2022
Alpha Mainnet
H1 2023
Version 1 Mainnet
H2 2023
Version 2 Mainnet

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Capital markets infrastructure for DeFi that will enable the creation of new markets by those closest to the market, the traders themselves.
February 23, 2022

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