Uncompromisingly Decentralised.
The world's most advanced DEX.

Cash settled futures are now live on Vega's Alpha Mainnet.
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Vega's APIS

Vega's decentralised datanode architecture provides rich CEX-like APIs and full historic price data for everyone.

Key features

Non-custodial and pseudonymous

No third party has access to your funds.

Purpose built proof of stake blockchain

Fully decentralised high performance peer-to-network trading.

Low fees and no cost to place orders

Fees work like a CEX with no per-transaction gas for orders

Transparent and open source trading

All Vega source code and trading data are publicly available.

Capital efficient margin trading

Leveraged trading with full cross-margining.

Rich CEX-style order book and APIs

Fully decentralised limit order book (dCLOB) and historic data APIs.

Decentralised liquidity incentivisation

Liquidity provision is fairly rewarded from fee revenue by the protocol.

Permissionless market creation

Create any market on any underlying with on-chain governance


Testnet (Fairground)
2021 H1
Restricted Mainnet
2022 H1
Current Status
Alpha Mainnet
2023 H1
Version 1 Mainnet
2023 H2
Version 2 Mainnet
2024 H2

Play without consequences

  • Experiment with trading
  • Create permissionless markets
  • Create and vote on governance proposals
  • Start staking
  • Explore the blockchain

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