Smart infrastructure for a better financial system.

Vega is creating the building blocks for a new financial system to open access, reduce cost, and enable a new wave of financial market innovation.

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The future of finance is decentralised

We are building a protocol for the decentralised margin trading of custom financial products. Using Vega, anyone can create products, make markets, and trade.

Borderless, open and safe

Vega is a 100% non-custodial trading platform with decentralised risk management. Margin calculation and risk management are provided automatically by the network, according to open and transparent rules.


Efficient market infrastructure

A completely automated end-to-end trade lifecycle results in a drastically lower cost per trade than incurred by traditional financial markets. Trading fees are distributed to liquidity providers, incentivising them to compete aggressively on price.


Permissionless innovation

Vega's Smart Product Language makes it easy to quickly create tradable financial products. Like the explosion in tokenised assets following the creation of the ERC20 standard, Vega will facilitate a whole ecosystem of new financial applications.


Created by a visionary team of traders and engineers

Our team is relentlessly focused on creating a new financial system that no longer rewards rent-seeking and cartel behaviours. With expertise across finance, trading and blockchain engineering, we are reshaping capital markets to operate democratically and fairly.


Product Roadmap

Vega Core Proof of Concept

Early PoC and demo of Matching Engine, Trading UI, REST API and Ethereum smart contracts

March 2018

Trading Engine Prototype

Expanded PoC incorporating GRPC services, Risk Engine, high performance CQRS read stores, GraphQL API, streaming front end

May 2018

Devnet running on Tendermint

Vega network live 24/7 for engineering team with test coverage, logging, and monitoring. Incremental improvements and new features to the APIs, performance, and stability.

July 2018

Protocol whitepaper

Publication of the paper that defines how traders, market makers, and node operators interact to collectively run high performance, fully decentralised markets in a deterministic way.

June 2019

Closed Testnet

Invitation-only isolated (no Ethereum) Testnet for the team and Vega community

Integrated Testnet

Early PoC and demo of Matching Engine, Trading UI, REST API and Ethereum smart contracts

Mainnet Alpha (initially closed)

First deployed on Vega with real fund and markets. Invite-only at first, then open to waiting list.

Mainnet Beta and open market making

Smart product language roll-out

We are transforming how financial markets work, so no one gets to stack the odds against anyone else. On Vega Protocol, markets are open and fair, fees are shared by market makers — not centralised institutions — and governance decisions are made by the community.

What we’re doing isn’t easy. Building a fast, decentralised system is hard. Ensuring it’s fair without a central owner is complex. But we’re not intimidated by challenges. We’re motivated by them.

We can’t do this without an active community. Tell us what you think. Read our protocol whitepaper, and follow our progress on Twitter.

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Oops, that doesn't look like a valid email address. Maybe there's a typo?
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