Vega Wallet User Data Policy

Last updated: 8 June 2023.

The Vega Wallet is a browser extension that can be used with a web browser. It is open-source software published by Gobalsky Labs Limited ("Gobalsky” or "we" or "us" or "our"). It can create or import wallets that contain one or more public/private key pairs. Those keys can be used to self custody assets. It can be used to connect those keys to websites that interact with the Vega Blockchain. This User Data Policy explains that we do not collect, use or store your information.

Information Retained by the Vega Wallet Locally

Users can use the Vega Wallet to retain the following information:

  1. Financial and Payment information: a record of the history of transactions in your Vega Wallet;
  2. User-Generated Content: information about decentralized applications (dapps) that you are connecting to, while establishing that connection and a record of the domains/URLs of dapps that you connect to your Vega Wallet;
  3. Keys: details of public and private keys;
  4. Names:personalised descriptions that you apply to your Vega Wallet.

This information is retained by you within the extension on your hardware. We do not collect, use or store it. We cannot access it.

Information We Do Not Collect

  1. Passwords: your Vega Wallet will have its own password that you set;
  2. Third Parties: information for any affiliate or related companies.
  3. Device and Connection Information: device-specific information when you install, access, or use the Vega Wallet including your IP address.
  4. Status Information: information about your online status, such as when you last used the Vega Wallet.

Vega Blockchain

If you create and approve/sign transactions with the Vega Wallet, then those transactions will be sent to the nodes on the Vega network (that are not owned or controlled by Gobalsky). The Vega network is a public blockchain.


We do not associate cookies with your Vega Wallet software.

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