Toward a new era of finance

We are Vega. Web3's native derivatives layer.

Throw open the doors to the new financial system
And a truly democratic society. Don’t ask for permission. Ask how you can play a part in this new world of DeFi. Decentralised derivatives markets are here to stay.

Where are we in the Roadmap?

Current Status:
Restricted Mainnet
This is the first of 3 launch phases of the network in which the validators are running a decentralised Vega network connected to the Ethereum mainnet. This phase provides a proving ground for the proof of stake network, allows time for the community to learn how to reliably operate nodes, and introduces on-chain governance. Token holders can participate in governance, and stake and delegate their tokens.
What's up next?
H1 2022
Alpha Mainnet
H2 2022
V1 Mainnet
H1 2023
V2 Mainnet
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