Vega is uncompromisingly decentralised, with all network governance taking place on-chain. Read on to find out how to propose new markets, create settlement assets, and configure the network

Read initial proposals and get involved in the discussion before the proposal goes to vote.
Stake & Vote
Stake & Vote
Review and vote on governance proposals.
Submit a proposal
Submit a proposal
Read the docs to create and submit a proposal using Vega APIs.

Get started voting

Get $VEGA tokens

You can purchase VEGA on various exchanges.

Stake VEGA

Stake your VEGA tokens on the governance site to be eligible to vote, note you will need to get a wallet to do this

Stake VEGA
Vote on proposals

Use our governance tools.

Note, you'll need some ETH to pay any transaction fees.

Governance App

Governance lifecycle

Start a topic and share an outline of your proposal on the forum with a 'sense-check' tag. Get an idea of whether there is support for your proposal from the likes and replies you receive, and refine your plans.
Start a topic on the forum   
Update your proposal topic based on the feedback received, and ensure you have included the rationale and specifics of the proposed addition/change, including the data (JSON or similar) that would be submitted on chain. Update the tag and invite debate and discussion to amend the proposal until it reaches a final state, ready to submit.
Read the docs to make a proposal   Check out the forum   

As a token holder, you can submit a proposal to create or update a market, create or update a settlement asset, change network parameters, initiate a transfer of funds from the treasury, or make a freeform proposal (for changes that will not change network behaviour). For each, you will define specific inputs for a set list of parameters, which are validated by the nodes before entering into the voting period you set. Then it's time to rally the community on the forum to vote for your proposal.

The number of tokens needed to make a proposal differs by proposal type, for example Loading... for a new market proposal.

Read the docs to make a proposal   

Token holders consider and vote for or against active proposals. Tokens used for voting are not locked or transferred - they can be used for staking as well as voting on any/all active proposals, but cannot be used to trade. Note, each public key with a minimum of 1 $VEGA gets just one vote per proposal.

The number of tokens needed to vote differs by proposal type, for example Loading... for a new market proposal. Each public key is eligible for one vote.

Vote for proposals   

If a proposal receives enough participation and reaches the majority threshold within the voting period, the change is automatically enacted (with the exception of free form proposals). The thresholds differ by proposal type, for example a new market proposal requires participation of Loading... and a majority of Loading....

If the proposal was creating a new market, once enacted it will remain in opening auction until it has attracted enough liquidity to start trading.